Class Of 2011 Faces Worst Job Crisis On Record

College students this year face the worst labor market ever encountered by a graduating class.

Hope and Change has turned into Despair and Jobless Lines.

According to the new study by the Economic Policy Institute, 2010's unemployment rate for young workers was the worst in history and is even more dire than most feared. Any job at all is out of reach for millions of young people.

The unemployment rate for high school graduates less than 25 years old increased a whopping 10.5 percentage points, to 22.5 percent, meaning that more than one in five are out of work.  The overall unemployment rate for those aged 18 to 24, regardless of education, is 18.24 percent.

Blaming Bush apparently hasn't translated into jobs either.  But, alas, Obama is to blame, and the youth are paying triple-whammy for their naivete.