New York - Land Of Left-Wing Oppression

New York, New Jersey and California are the least free in the U.S based on an index of public policies affecting individual freedoms according to Virginia think tank the Mercatus Center.

New Hampshire, South Dakota and Indiana are the most free states in the U.S.

New York is by far the least free state and has had ‘the most interstate emigration of any state over the last decade’, the 'Freedom in the 50 States' report said.

New York also has ‘by far the highest taxes in the country’ and ‘only Alaska has more government debt as a percentage of the economy’.

New York’s smoking and gun laws are ‘extremely’ strict, cigarette taxes are the ‘highest in the county’ and ‘motorists are highly regulated’.  In short, New York is a fascist double-blue state, surprised?

California ‘aggressively interferes in the personal lives of its citizens’ and ‘needs to cut government spending’, the report said. It added that labour laws are ‘extremely strict’ and the state’s ‘liability system almost reaches the abysmal quality of the Deep South’s’.

California competes evenly with New York for the highest state income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and DMV fees. California has also sunk to junk rating on its bonds, as has Illinois.

Democrats have controlled California since the 70s, the first time 'Moonbeam" Jerry Brown was governor, a triple-blue state, are you shocked?