Jobless Woman Sells Signed Obama Letter To Feed Kids

Destiny Mathis, a two-year jobless surgical technologist and mother of three living in Indiana, wrote a letter last year to President Barack Obama expressing her appreciation at a time when the White House was under fire for not doing enough to decrease unemployment numbers.

Obama responded with a handwritten note thanking her for her support. “You have such a positive spirit,” he wrote. “Please know things will get better for you and your family … You inspire me and I’m rooting for you.”

Though Mathis told Fox Chicago the handwritten letter was one of her most prized possessions, she said the hope of keeping her family together and forestalling eviction and keeping food on the table was “a lot more important.”

Hello - Ms. Mathis? Did ya notice the cause of your distress is the failure of the man you apparently are still fawning over? 

Obama's misery index is at a 30 year high, along with records in Poverty, Joblessness, Debt, Housing losses, and wage depression.  Will his voters notice?  Or will they just suffer, sell Obama memorabilia, and say nothing...