96-Year-Old Woman Confesses To 1946 Murder

The 1946 killing of Felix Gulje roiled the Netherlands just after World War II.

On Wednesday, the mayor of Leiden, Netherlands, Henri Lenferink, said a woman (Atie Ridder-Visser) has confessed to the killing, saying it happened in the mistaken belief that Gulje had collaborated with the Nazis.

On the cold sleeting night of March 1, 1946, Atie Visser rang Gulje's doorbell in Leiden, and told his wife that she had a letter to give to her husband. When he came to the door she shot him in the chest.

Visser had been a member of the resistance during the 1940-1945 Nazi occupation. Rumors had been circulating that Gulje was working with the Nazis so she took action.

Ridder-Visser will not be prosecuted, he said. Although the 18-year statute of limitations was lifted for serious crimes in 2006, prosecutors ruled that the change in law would not apply in this case.

She never left town?  Yikes...