John Edwards Suicidal Over Possible Prison Time

'I'd kill myself first!' John Edwards 'suicidal' over facing jail.

Now Edwards has a trial delay because he 'has a life-threatening condition' according to his judge.  Surprise!

The 57-year-old former Presidential candidate reportedly told a close friend: 'I won't go to jail. I'd kill myself first!' He has lost 20lb in the last year and is a 'broken spirit,' after cheating on his wife with mistress Rielle Hunter.

The former North Carolina senator has been indicted under federal grand jury for alleged payments to take care of Miss Hunter in violation of campaign funding rules.

Edwards is not a tragic hero, like a Hamlet. He is just a run-o-the-mill Democratic Party politician, ambulance chasing trial lawyer, and cowardly chemo-wife-cheating, cad.

The wife, Elizabeth Edwards died last year.

Edwards is far too cowardly to follow thru on his empty threats and now seems to have come up with a nifty new way to delay the inevitable jail time he faces, get a doctors excuse.

Edwards E-mails Acknowledge Payments