Vegas Man Survives Fence Post Thru Mouth & Neck

"We're bringing in a patient with a foreign object impaled in his mouth."  Paramedics radioed en route to University Medical Center - trouble.

The 'foreign object' was a 2-inch diameter metal pole part of a fence driven through the man's mouth and out through his neck.

"I had never seen anything like it before," said Dr. Jay Coates of University Medical Center.  "How do you end up surviving a pipe going through your head like this?"

Pipe man is Andrew Linn, a student at Southern Utah University.  In 2008, a drunken driver hit Linn speeding at 75 mph. That time he 'only' suffered a neck injury that was repaired with minor surgery.

Linn, a devout Mormon, feels sure that the only reason he's alive today is because God has a purpose for him (his words).  A purpose that apparently involves surviving horrendous auto accidents and living to tell about it.