Fired Air America Host Arrested At GOP Town Hall

Former Air America radio talk show host Nicole Sandler was arrested Tuesday night after she tried to shout down U.S. Rep. Allen West, and later attacked a police officer.

Chunky, nerdy, jobless, sick with left-wing anger...the chesty woman felt compelled to disgrace herself in full public display.  Maybe Nancy Pelosi will give her a call..cheer her up. 

Pelosi dismissed town hall meetings filled with angry seniors during the Obamacare fiasco.  Is there a similarity between the anger of hypocrites like Nicole Sandler and the "astro turf" grass-roots uprising by citizens over Obamacare?  Hardly.

Ms. Sandler, and her breed-stock, are upset about POWER, not principle.  Given, Ms. Sandler has a bully-pulpit of her own, one wonders why she would choose to act out in this way?

The anger brewing this time is among the constituent Democrat Party, unions, left-wing talking heads, the usual list of left-wing blog/tripe sites; all fomenting...keep abreast, check this site from time to time, catch them as they hatch their fits.