The Age Of America Ends In 2016

You have feared it, likely hoped it would take decades longer, even possibly denied it was really happening.  Given the disaster of Obama and his spending, and a half dozen other failures, the end of US economic power, and ultimately military might, is coming to an end much sooner than anyone would have guessed.

According to the IMF today, barring a wreck of China's economic freight train, China will eclipse the U.S. to become the largest economy in the world in 2016 - in other words, at the end of a horrifying Obama second term, should the country make the mistake twice.

Once China vaults past the US economically, it will have the wherewithal to carry an even bigger stick--unless the US wants to continue to bankrupt itself by outspending everyone else despite its smaller GDP.  In other words, China will also be the most powerful militarily, and displace the US in diplomatic, and influence.

Due to the destructive waste of the Democrats and Obama much of the US resources that might have gone into growth and infrastructure spending, will be used instead on interest payments, budget cuts, and social programs.

Those that do not see the danger of this, are fools.  A new world order--one in which China, not America, will be the center of the world, and given China's brutish sense of self-interest, the world will not be the better for it.  The short-sighted, selfish, and misguided efforts by the left-wing to defeat the strengths of the US, to demonize business and entrepreneurs, and to drive a stake into the heart of real productivity in favor creating dependency, and an entitlement sense - will be the last nail in the coffin of history's most magnificent nation.

The ultimate outcome will be a world run-over by those who have no intention of "righting the social injustices", or pay credence to the "global warming conspirators" push for, China does not care...they will strip the Earth, and ignore the needs of the downtrodden, and the US will have no power to effect any of it.