Michael 'Jaba' Moore - Marxist, Misguided, or Masochistic

Evidence shows Moore has a long history of egoistic rants dating back to 1986 when he was fired from Mother Jones magazine for refusing to publish articles critical of left-wing causes.

“The articles were flatly wrong and the worst kind of patronizing bullshit,” Moore crowed.

In October 2002, Moore’s website shows him recommending links to the Democratic Socialists of America and Solidarity: A Socialist Feminist Organization.

“He is anti-American, pro any activism, and a demagogue,” Radosh told TheDC (a former colleague of Moore's).  “I would call him a far-left extremist and radical, who follows the most extreme trajectory of the 60’s New Left.”

Moore is a despicable character in any case.  He never misses a chance to put his fat frame and fat mouth in front of a camera and spew anti-US hyperbole.  Witness the comments from him on Gov. Walker.