San Francisco Solves Homeless Horror, Sorta

Deceased San Francisco mayor Ed Lee formed the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing last year due to the explosion of poor in a town full of tech wealth.
The city spent $275 million on the problem in 2016 up from $240 million in 2015.  Still, 2017 is projected to tsunami over $305 million.

Cleanup crews can't keep up.  North of 679 tons of trash and more than 100,000 used syringes clog the corners where the downtrodden dwell.

So now what?  How about blocking vagrants from vacant spaces with colossal crud-covered boulders?

The homeless simply squeeze between and sleep among the big rocks so now the city says it will escalate the war and put out more boulders to "send a stronger message."  Message?