Trump Terminating ALL Illegals

POTUS Trump is re-issuing a refugee ban this week.  It'll be bullet-proof.

The action won't stop the leftist goons from re-running their judge shopped 3rd-world effort to block the order.  But it will plant the edict on a concrete constitutional basis thus heading-off any seditious attempts to stop Trump.

But the real fun is bubbling-up over at DHS.  The agency is placing the open borders crowd on notice by getting ready to deport not just illegals with felony records but ALL illegals.  And hire 10,000 new agents.

DHS issued new policy this morning.

1. Anyone in the United States illegally will be deported.  ICE agents are to disregard Obama's EOs and prioritize criminal immigrant cases.  Illegals will not be afforded rights under US Privacy Laws.

2. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers are to crack down on illegals at the border and hold them in detention until their deportation (no more catch and release).

3. Over 1 million have been adjudicated and are wandering the country. They are a priority to remove.  Add to that millions who have abused welfare and food stamp programs and it starts looking like real work to clear them out.

Trump ran and won on these things and actually intends to make good on his promises.   And there's your bigger butt-hurt than Hillary losing, huh country haters?