Debt Gorilla

Obama pooped a paralyzing, malodorous, inedible legacy - the horrific $20 trillion buck debt.  At today's near zero interest rates the cost is 7% of the annual budget. 

In fact, Obama's GDP average (the lowest of any president) was about 2% per year; the bulk from debt spending.  And if either or both the debt rises and interest rates rise the bite out of the budget to cover the the interest will exceed 50% in five short years.

That's the good news.  But what about the bad?

Obama also left behind:
  • $8.5 trillion in liabilities such as federal employee retirement benefits
  • $29.0 trillion in obligations to cover current Social Security beneficiaries
  • $32.9 trillion in obligations to cover current Medicare beneficiaries

Trump's burden includes dealing with the frazzled and rancid rucksack of financial calamity.   Scared yet?