Trolls Cite Trump Threats

Stanford's Dept of Psychiatry Professor Keith Humphreys says,  “Muslims, Jews, Latinos, African-Americans and women and victims of sexual assault” are now, thanks to Trump’s victory and the “hateful rhetoric” attributed thereto, “uncertain whom they can trust.”

And Jocelyn Wiener of Kaiser Health News in Oakland paraphrases Humphreys, “...children and adolescents who are undocumented immigrants...are experiencing a surge in stress, depression and anxiety...the same is true for young...Muslim and transgender youth [thanks to Trump]”

Wiener and Humphreys are both embedded in the heart of leftist California and both are awash in groundless trolling. 

Trump will be around for eight long, gloomy, bleak, burning, harrowing, excruciating, unbearable, insufferable, punishing, grueling, miserable, mortifying, tormenting years and that's a LOT of "depression and anxiety" for these goons to endure.  Good.