Scientist Wants Trump Dead

U of Arizona climate weenie John Wiens claims Earth is racing toward “global extinction” all thanks to man made global warming.

Wiens is making poopie in his lederhosen.  Why? Trump won the election and quickly appointed global warming skeptic Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA.

“The EPA in this country, they are the ones supposed to be protecting the environment,”  Wiens  whines.  So to Wiens seeing Pruitt takeover EPA is tantamount to putting an arsonist in charge of the firehouse.

To stop the crises Wiens wants Britain to invade the U.S., or the U.S. should swap leaders with Canada, putting leftist Justin Trudeau in the White House.   Silly?   Sure...but remember we are talking about a lunatic leftist coming unglued in his genomes.

While Wiens is gnashing his teeth researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that between 2002 and 2014, plants were somehow able to absorb more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than man is producing.  Which has not deterred whacky Weins.

Wiens says he wants Trump to “Kill yourself immediately.”