CA's $1 Trillion Hole

Some say California leaving the union would be bad for the USA due to their $2.5 trillion GDP.

But the prospect of the state staying is uglier.

Stanford University’s “2016 U.S. Pension Tracker” shows the sinking state has a pension debt liability moving north of $964.4 billion.

The state is in a steep spiral of a sloppy slippery slope of insolvency.

1. Swarming with liberals and illegals who are selfish, dependent, narcissistic and dishonest.
2. Democrats gave them the highest taxes and debt of any other state.
3. Schools ranked 40th and 45th in spending per pupil.
4. Record crime in San Diego, LA and Oakland. Stockton is 2nd most dangerous city in USA.
5. A grim 48th friendly to business leading to the largest exodus of business for any state.
6. More than 60% of family incomes go to taxes.
7. No other state takes more welfare, food stamps and medicaide federal money.
8. Forget buying a house.  Even way out in the sticks.

So what was that again about California leaving the union?