Joy Behar Elector Troll

Democrat conspiracy goons say Russian hacking won the election for Trump, not because Hillary and her train-wreck of a campaign ran out of coal.   This despite Wikileaks editor Assange emphatically saying it wasn't Russia.

Since the riots, recount and whining have waned and Trump's swearing-in nears, some Democrats are positioning to poison the Electoral College vote on December 19th.

Democrat elector Christine Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi's daughter), failed Dem presidential candidate Larry Lessig, and left-wing hack Joy Beyhar are out feeding the willing media the false flag.

Beyhar says, “When he first was elected, I was angry and a lot of people were crying, and I said to them, don’t get sad, get mad. We have a chance to stop Trump with the Electoral College. They’re about to vote. We all know that the Russians hacked into the whole thing."

Ah but hold on to your hankie Ms Behar.

This morning Denver District Judge Elizabeth Starrs ruled state law requires Electors must vote based on the most votes, not some misplaced Hamiltonian misread of history. 

“If (presidential electors) take the oath and then they violate the statute, there will be repercussions,” Starrs reiterates.  Public officers charged with failing to fulfill their duty, a misdemeanor, can receive up to a $1,000 fine and one year in jail.

Other states have similar rules.   So if Beyhar (dee-har-har) is gonna push people into breaking the law she can warm-up her hurt-butt and sit it down next to them in jail as an accessory.