Trump's Radical Plans

Given eight-years of damage left by hardcore-left-winger Obama;  Trump's road map to restore the Republic is nothing short of radical.

A mortal may fall short but then Trump is no mortal, right?
  1. Immigration and Exec Orders - Trump will seal the borders and deport illegals.  He'll rescind Obama's destructive executive orders on Immigration, Iran and energy (coal and oil). 
  2. Military and Foreign Policy - Trump will restore the military and use it to DEFEND the country not get bogged down in costly foreign wars.  He'll fix the VA.  He'll restore alliances with Israel and Russia.
  3. Dodd-Frank Repeal - the dirty secret is the Democrats (esp Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Bill Clinton) created and fed the subprime housing crash.  The Dems scapegoated banking and shut them out of much of the economy.  That ends.
  4. Taxes - get trillions in off-shore cash repatriated offering a 10% one-time tax.  And taxes slashed across all business and the middle class.  Should lead to the same econ boom Kennedy and Reagan produced when they cut taxes.
  5. NAFTA & TPP - these trade deals are going bye-bye and being redone.  Canada and Mexico have already told Trump they're ready...and Obama has already abandoned Obamatrade.
  6. Schools - is it finally time to say bye-bye to the Dept of Ed, common core, teachers unions and hello to vouchers and school choice?
  7. Obamacare - Repeal and Replace won't easy but due to it's collapse and destruction it's an imperative. And what about malpractice Tort Reform?
  8. SCOTUS - the mere fact Trump will load the court with Constitutional Orginalists is a country saver.
Trump may get insulted, threatened, and ankle-bitten along the way, but at least we finally have a guy with guts and the right ideas....and that's enough, for now.