Reno Trump Attacker Exposed

Two days ago Trump was in Reno, Nev addressing a capacity crowd when Reno resident Austyn Crites allegedly pulled out a gun and was tackled by the Secret Service.   Trump was rushed off stage then quickly returned as Crites was cuffed and escorted out by Reno SWAT.

Who is Austyn Crites?

Crites says he's a disaffected Republican who was roughed-up unjustly.  His defense seems to be as nefarious as Obama's FBI and DOJ covering for Hillary.

Crites was sporting a sign, "Republicans Against Trump"
Crites' Facebook page refers to Trump as a fascist and dictator
Crites says he is a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton and has given her money
Crites may have been at other Trump rally's disrupting in the same way

And finally, how about this?

Via MicroTurkeyLeaks: