Hillary's Halt

Are we staring, finally at the end of Hillary's public life? 

The reopened FBI investigation into Hillary's emails and the sister probe into her foul-smelling foundation are a double-hitter of butt-hurt.

The development has bent-over and brought down the hell-hound from Chappaqua;  right down to her proverbial knees.

But don't turn the channel just yet.  When leftists get cornered the feces fling fest flares-up and gets festooned with the following:

1. Race Card - Democrats are the party of slavery but GOP are wrong for freeing them.
2. Gender Card - Hillary is female, right?  Or is she?
3. Gay Card - comes from the Feminist card (man hating)
3. Russia - huh?
4. Right Wing - nasty racist, misogynist, homophobic, white-male, chest beaters
5. Sex Predator - ignore Bill behind the curtain, Trump did it too (or so they paid for)
6. Low IQ - Trump voters MUST BE knuckle-dragging Neanderthals or they'd vote Hillary
7. Capitalism - Trump went bankrupt 14,000 times, right?
8. Poor - poverty is the result of capitalism so we need big government debt to fix it
9. Pro Choice - a woman's RIGHT to kill kids must be protected
10. Healthcare - a candy-coated freebie made with insurmountable debt ('free' College too)
11. Climate Change - never-ending crises leading to infinite piles of cash and power
12. Taxes - Trump pays 'em will cut 'em and that's no good to tax-n-spend debt Dems
13. Ends Justify Means - corruption? If we win elections and get power what's the harm!

Item #2 was spit-balled this morning.  Sit back and prepare for the rest between now and next Tuesday.