Hillary And Justice

Dear President Elect Donald Trump, spokeswoman KellyAnne Conway and Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus.

We The People just placed all of you in positions of power and responsibility.  In large part it was to RESTORE law and order which has been damaged by the Democrats.

We are a forgiving people but we are also well aware that Hillary Clinton has not undergone a proper, appropriate and thorough equal treatment under the law for crimes allegedly committed while she served as Secretary Of State under President Obama.

Justice must be served in order to restore confidence and to be fair to all those who were or are now in prison with sentences for violating the same laws Hillary may have broken.  And of course to be fair to all law abiding citizens.

Please allow the next Attorney General to make an unbiased, unfettered decision based on the evidence and allow the restored Justice Department a non-politicized path to determine how to proceed in regard to Hillary's case.

You promised, remember?