Democrats Demise

When you lose in baseball, players, coaches and often owners get fired. 

The definitive defeat of the Clinton Crime family was simultaneously a repudiation of Obama's presidency.

The Civil War was the last time Democrats got spanked this hard.  Now there are 24 GOP governors and 32 states with GOP controlled legislatures.  And the last time the GOP had the whole Federal government it was 1928.

The Democrats have had a succession of oddly incompetent ringmasters since 2005 starting with Howard 'screaming meemie' Dean, Tim 'not gonna be VP' Kaine, Donna 'debate debacler' Brazille, and Debbie 'election rigger' Wasserman-Schultz.

So who ya gonna call Butt-Hurt Democrats?  How about Minnesota Congressman and Muslim Brotherhood banshee Keith Ellison?

Napoleon once said: Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.