Alcoholic Euthanized

In the Netherlands all ya need to kill yourself is an application submitted to the Support and Consultation on Euthanasia.  Once you get the green light you can arrange to be snuffed-out in your own home for a small fee.

Mark Langedijk had a drinking problem starting eight years ago.  Mark checked in and out of rehab some twenty-one times.  No dice.

So finally a few weeks ago Mark told his family he'd had enough and wanted to die, but the family dismissed his threat with "a grain of salt."

On suicide day Mark settled back at his parents house smoking, drinking, and wolfing down ham and cheese sandwiches 'till just before Dr Marijke arrived at 3.15pm.

The doctor instructed Landedijk to get into bed and stay calm.   Mark's brother says everyone, "started crying, my parents, everyone actually, even Mark."  Then "Mark's eyes turned away...Dr Marijke injected the third syringe. His face changed, lost color. My little brother was dead."