Hillary's Horror Here

The salacious election is in chaos and it looks like Hillary is gonna to win.

Hillary will ensure the constitution is obliterated by appointing an all left-wing Supreme Court.

Hillary's open borders will wave in another 200m Hispanics ready to snatch the laughably few jobs left (real jobless rate is 15% and corporate earnings have been in recession for 6 years).

Hillary will encourage Iran to use nukes Obama funded.  A military draft will be required; no one will fight for her.

In addition to doubling the debt to $40 trillion and collapsing the currency Hillary will gut what's left of social security, medicare and double-down on the horror story that is Obamacare.

Witness Hillary's tax hikes we know about:

- sign a payroll tax hike and increase already record level job killing taxes on corps
- levy tax hikes of $1,000,000,000,000 over the next ten years
- levy a $2.16 tax on 6-packs of 'soda'
- double the excise tax on guns and levy a 25% federal tax on gun sales
- raise estate taxes to 65%
- double the capital gains tax rate to 43.4%
- create a carbon tax that will destroy the US energy industry and hike consumer goods prices

Gloom and doom. You bet. And those voting for Hillary will sink in their sow.