Suicide By Fat

Remember Nick Cage drinking himself to death in Leaving Las Vegas?  Well here's the same story only it's EATING oneself to death and not leaving Ft. Worth, Texas.

Monica Riley is consuming 8,000 calories a day converting her 700 pound porcine potbelly into a bed-wrecking 1,000 pound immovable mass of marshmallows.   She says so she can feel like a "queen."

To get there as fast as she can Monica's 'boyfriend" Sid Riley makes bucket sized shakes consisting of ten Pop Tarts, heavy-duty cream, ice cream, milk and weight-gain powder.  Then Sid stands on a step stool to cascade the concoction down her throat with a funnel.

Monica said: "The bigger I get the sexier I feel. I love my big soft belly and stuffing myself with food really turns me on."

And after a pair of miscarriages the two are trying for a kid. But the sex seems to be more fantasy than reality.

Monica's other dream?   One day she hopes Sid will build her a bed with a toilet in center.

Can't make a story like this up, folks.  Not even you're Stephen King.