Putin Poisoned Hillary?

Paranoid delusions and conspiracy theory seem to ooze from Hillary more readily than a rational idea or constructive comment.

Astonishingly we find it was Hillary behind the Obama birther conspiracy.

A few weeks ago she blamed Russia and Trump for the DNC email hacks.  And once blamed Bill's impeachment on a "vast right wing conspiracy."

So why be shocked when a shill on the left cooks up a poisoning theory to explain Hillary's health problems?

Dr Bennet Omalu, the MD who ran-down the NFL concussion question, tweeted: "I must advice (sic) the Clinton campaign to perform toxicological analysis of Ms Clinton's blood...possible she is being poisoned...I do not trust Mr Putin and Mr Trump..."

The theory points to Putin's list of opponents who were indeed poisoned. The problem? Putin would rather have Hillary in the WH than Trump...Hillary has already proven she is no match for Vlad out in the real world.