IKEA Testicle Trap

The five-buck IKEA Marius stool is classically clean and simple but leave it up to some Nordic doorknob to find a way to get captured in a cold shower with his nutsack trapped in one.

Claus Jørstad, 45, needed to sit while showering because he has bad knees. With the water flowing Claus settled in for his first hot steam with the stool. But the setup went sideways swiftly. A testicle had subtly settled into a vent hole and the steam swelled it stuck. Claus was one with the Marius.

Then things got crazy. Sitting beyond reach of the faucet the hot water turned ice cold and the immobilized goon pondered reaching for a hair dryer to stay warm. Lucky for Claus the pooling icy water emancipated the anchored gonad before he could electrocute himself.

Jørstad sits on a towel now and life is larger, but not without risk...at least not for a guy with bad knees and a shower stool from IKEA.