Hillary & Mother Teresa

Bill and Hillary Clinton had a BIG problem with Mother Teresa.

In a 1997 prayer breakfast with Bill and Hillary hosting Mother Teresa railed against abortion, calling it the “greatest destroyer of peace today,” a “war against the child,” and “murder by the mother herself.”

The room erupted in a standing ovation.  But at the head table, a few feet from Mother Teresa, the Clintons and the Gores sat in stony silence, not standing, not clapping, tight-fisted and pissed.

Mother Teresa was not raising the issue accidentally, just a year earlier, on the first day of Bill's presidency, Hillary demanded Bill sign five executive orders authorizing federal funding for abortion.

Next Sunday Pope Francis will declare Mother Teresa a saint.  And twenty-years later Hillary remains an evil turd eager to kill millions more unborn kids, but then who are we to judge, right