Black Baby Abortion Apology?

South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier is pissed at the U.S. abortion industry.  Specifically the obliteration of 20 million Black kids since Roe v. Wade.

Napier says the carnage, “starts looking like a genocide when one factors in that Black women make up only 13% of total number of women in USA.”

Whites get 138 abortions for every 1000 live births but blacks kill 501 kids in 1000 births.   So blacks are aborting at nearly four times the rate of whites.

Napier demands an 'apology.'   But from whom?  The long dead 'progressive' eugenicist Margaret Sanger?  Sanger's abortion factory Planned Parenthood?  The Democrats?  Obama?

Napier also says pedophilia isn't a crime and pedophiles shouldn't be prosecuted.