Pooping Reporter Arrested

Phoenix KPHO TV reporter Jonathan Lowe was doing a story on ASU football player Patrick Zane Thompson.   According to Lowe, Thompson went bat-shit crazy breaking his pet dog’s neck and stuffing it into a BBQ smoker.  Pretty nasty.

But what Lowe failed to add was his own arrest for dropping khakis, squatting and pooping in Thompson's front yard.  You know, because he 'had to relieve himself.' 

The local papers contacted Lowe’s news director about the arrest but the station declined to comment on the 'personnel issue.'

Lowe was booked with violating code 11-1-30 prohibiting 'public urination or defecation.'   And Thompson?   Well he faces multiple charges including animal cruelty, assault, threats against his family and tampering with evidence.

We get the crappy assignment Jonathan but are you kidding man?