13 Top Web Trolls

Troll: a mythical, cave-dwelling creature found in folklore, typically having a very ugly appearance.

Even before the first Web chat/comments went up trolls were breeding in between the cracks of the Internet ready to brow beat others their with slack-jawed sniping and take-no-prisoners abuse.

So here are the top 13 troll types each more suited for a psychiatry couch than civil conversation. 

The Grammar Goon - self-appointed spelling and grammar fascist.
The Shouter - NEVER A lower-case KEY STROKE BE MADE.
The Hater - life is hell and everyone is gonna pay in text pain baby.
The Twister - you say tomato they say 'what you meant to say was tomahto'
The Preacher - Bible verse from one, Atheist rebuttals ad naseum from the other.
The Point Misser - no matter how obvious the rhetorical question they have an answer.
The Line Crosser - these people would be locked up if anyone could find them.
The Cryer - whoa is me, whoa is me, and screw you...
The Know-It-All - gargoyle of Google, fastest cut-and-paster in the room.
The Idiot - basically a card carrying self-absorbed dweeb willing to humiliate on command.
The Political Hack - two sides of the same issue, both wrong.
The Peacemaker - what the hell is wrong with people trying to calm down the other trolls?
The Funnyman - nothing is too serious that cannot be derailed with a pun or bad joke.

See yourself in the list?  Be honest...