Walmart Couple Crap-Out

William Cornelius, 25, ponied up $29.62 for an engagement ring at the Walmart in Bay City, MI.  Store management let Bill propose to girlfriend Sheri Moore, 20, over the store’s loudspeaker system.

Sheri said yes filling the store with thunderous applause from shoppers.

Then the pair sauntered out to do a little sex toy store shopping at the Bay City Mall - you know, to get goodies for their no doubt gnarly night of connubial bliss.

Cornelius picked up a $14.99 vibrator, some BJ Blast oral sex candy, and a $5.99 "Bride-to-Be" edible thong.  The problem?  Other than really poor taste, Bill didn't pay for any of it. 

The pair were arrested for petty larceny.  Worse?  The sex toys in jail are not edible either.