Naked Woman Waffle House Frenzy

The 5-2, 180lb Jennifer Nicholson stripped to bare butt and muff and punched a woman in the face at a Kennesaw, Ga waffle house around ten last night.

The naked Nicholson then threw plates of food, tins of syrup, glasses of water and a number of placemats at patrons while sprinting from one end of the eatery to the other...

The meelee ended when the cops cornered, grappled, cuffed, and gagged the crazed diner.  Then tied some tablecloths around her lady parts.

Nicholson is charged with assault, public indecency and putting a lot of people off their food.  And as she sits in the Cobb County Jail today one hasta wonder, maybe not leaving a tip would have been a better way to go?