Granny Growls At P&G

Seen the Big Bang Theory? Then you know Sheldon loves his 'mee-maw.'

Sacramento granny Randee Reidy, 67 is pissed-off at Procter & Gamble.

The company claims their Gain laundry soap can turn a gunnysack full of granny-panties that 'Smells like Mee-Maw' into a fresh-smelling pile of 'Smells like yee-haw.'

The company did reply to the humorless sexagenarian but the bristling banshee won't be stifled.  She fired off a missive to Hillary Clinton and whines, 'I'll just keep going with it...[you know] because it's just not right.'

Wow...if Randee's upset over laundry now think how wrinkled she'll get later when Hillary goes to jail.