DNC Debate Predictions

The hotly anticipated first (and likely last) Democrat Party debate for the 2016 election season is hopping on CNN air tonight.

So what's gonna happen?

1. Hillary will run her pie-hole blathering copy-cat slogans and me-too policies originated by Trump and Sanders.   Emails? What stink'n emails?

2. Rumor has it Sanders has been tempted with a job as Hillary's head of the IRS - remember he's gotta lotta rich to spank.

3. O'Malley will blurt out some drunken Irish gaffe and rise to 1/2% in the polls.

4. Trump will be tweeting tweets and most people will be on Twitter watching Trump and not the debate.

5. The audience will be full of paid shills from all the usual Dem party suspect groups. They'll clap, laugh, fart and spit on queue.

6. CNN will have a Chelsea and Huma cam catching their Cheshire cat grins at pivotal broadcast moments.

7. Debbie Wasserman-Slut's scheduled commentary will find her bitching about Trump's tweets. She'll claim his Twitter session is akin to a Klan rally.

8. CNN will seat their hacks into a circle-of-hell after the debacle to applaud the stunning effort by Hillary and predict her landslide victory.

9. Bill will be in an undisclosed location 'not' (wink-wink) having sex with a room full of show girls.

10. Most will tune out after 15 minutes and CNN will be bankrupt and off-the-air in a year.

Send your predictions to CNN and test how fast they pull your cable subscription.