WiFi Zombie Disease

An English woman insists she has Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) - a 'disease' medical science apparently doesn't recognize.

Jackie Lindsay, 50 claims she faces an onslaught from cell phones, radio, WiFi hotspots and her neighbors homes all of which she says bends her over with an anaphylactic shock.

Jackie turned off her house power and uses candles for light and gas for cooking.  Of course she also needs to avoid food with electrolytes...like all vegetables, anything with salt in it, all dairy products and tap water.

When she goes outside she wears a suit and an elephant-man-like-head-cover laced with silver thread. Oh and she carries a hand held EMS tester too.

Wonder if Jackie knows all light is electromagnetic radiation and her head is filled with electro-chemical synaptic neurons?  Ooops.