Cancer From Weedkiller

Seems like cancer is everywhere...toast and coffee contain acrylamides, plastics leech vinyl chloride, and broccoli-onions-strawberries have acetaldehyde a known carcinogen.

Still, a good scare is not a thing to waste...who cares if people get crazy from all the arm-waving, right?

Glyphosate is in weed killers like Roundup.  The chemical is so pervasive it's been found in human breast milk, urine and foods like bread.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says it's “probably” carcinogenic and some countries banned it's use.  But are they full of shit?

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment says in over 30 studies there was “no validated or significant relationship” between glyphosate and cancer.

So now what?  Even if you find organic bread you can't toast or spread strawberry jam on it or wash it down with a bottled water or a cup of coffee.