Danger Destinations For Women

Women are assaulted in their own homes. And women get mugged, raped and kidnapped in cities across the USA.  But what about women traveling?

The worst five of sixteen destinations by degree of danger: Bogota, Columbia, Mexico City, Mexico, Lima, Peru, New Delhi, India, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bogota is about a days donkey ride from drug cartel country.  The same applies to Mexico City where kidnapping foreigners for cash is a whole cottage industry.

Lima has so much danger it's astounding anyone, man or woman would go there even if it led to a lottery prize.  New Delhi is diseased, depraved, debauched and gang rape central.   And finally Jakarata.  This is the place a woman can end up in prison for refusing a taxi cab ride.

Scared yet?  Think you can do better in Paris, Beijing and London?  Keep going, those places are on the list of sixteen too...