Bomb Iran - The Musical

Obama's been playing golf in Florida this weekend - you know, because golf is more fun than stopping Iran's nukes.   And Frankenface Kerry is on the job anyway.

Speaker John Boehner says congress is gonna ignore the 'deal' and slap crippling sanctions on Iran instead...which sorta leaves Obama once again sitting in a golf cart with goose-shit on his face.

But we digress.

Is it really possible for Iran to behave once it has nuclear weapons?  Obama says so - anyone other than banged-up Harry Reid believe it? 

Today Iran unsurprisingly said it's gonna hang onto it's cache of weapons-grade enriched uranium.   And chanted, 'death to America, death to the Jews, death to the infidel' for the fourth time this week.

Obama's weak dealings with Iran will to removal the hard way.  See why Obama is a bigger threat to the world than Putin!