Toy Heist Foiled At Walmart

'Tis the season to be blowing big bucks unless of course you don't have the big bucks. 

Tarus Scott, 30, and Genard Dupree, 27, filled a Walmart cart with $369.94 in goodies, including a disturbingly bright pink motorized Barbie Power Wheel. 

The pair positioned the plunder near a store exit.  Then as planned, Dupree hit the floor clutching his chest faking a heart attack.

As the store staff rushed to help Dupree, Scott precipitated for the parking lot with the cart full of crap. Dupree then jumped up and ran to join Scott speeding off in a SUV in great haste.

The cops fingered them from store videos. Tarus and Genard are today in Polk county jail on fresh felony grand theft charges.  Prior to being locked up both were admonished not to talk about the Barbie Power Wheel in jail, you know, for their own safety.