Airline Seat Selection Exposes You

Fight OR flight is the instinctive reaction primates have when confronted with danger. Fight ON a flight is the instinctive reaction travelers get when they don't get the seat they want...

Psychologists have studied the ugly seat selection syndrome and can list your personality defects based on an aisle, center or window seat preference. Ready?

Window people are xenophobes. They need a wall on one side and an empty seat on the other. They claim it's about sight-seeing and privacy despite being on the same flight a thousand times and who expects privacy in a sardine can like the cabin of a Boeing 747?

Center seat people are cowards. They fantasize being tucked tight between two people in the event of a crash. They're also masochists with no sense of self-worth or need for an armrest. They also have really small bladders.

Aisle people are power miscreants. They control the row and badger the flight crew. No need to ask anyone to go pee they dominate the aisle too.

So next time you saunter down the middle of the plane peer into each person's eyes before you sink into your own neurotic seat selection. The lunatic sitting next to you may be you...