Escaped Parrot Terrorizes Torrance

British national Darren Chick moved to California and settled down with an African Grey parrot he unsurprisingly named 'Nigel.'   Parrot Nigel learned English quickly, the bird even had Darren's British accent.

Then in 2010 the parrot flew the coop.  And Darren resigned himself to life without Nigel.

Meanwhile, back in the wild...Nigel was winging it around town and ended up in Julissa Sperling's backyard.  Julissa was inundated with British banter from Nigel and figured the ponderous parrot had an owner.  So she scanned the classifieds and found vet Teresa Mico's parrot search.

Mico grew suspicious after finding a microchip in Nigel.  Darren Chick was getting his feathered friend back, except...  Nigel had dumped his British accent and picked up Spanish from Sperling who also happens to be Panamanian.

Bueno Darren, puedo obtener una galletas o qué?