9th Circuit Rules Living In A Car Okay

Starting with Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism and later Wilson's New Freedom, FDR's New Deal, JFK's New Frontier, and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society 'progressives' welfare spending has outstripped even military spending during the last 113 years.

But why are there more homeless adults and kids roaming the streets since Ofail took over? Well, remember the Subprime Housing Crash where the Democrats destroyed middle class housing and drove nearly 100 million people out of the workforce?

California is a liberal hell-hole of hypocrisy and water wasters. So is it a surprise to find Los Angeles with a law making criminals out of homeless people?  And what about Obama housing hundreds of thousands of illegals inside military bases?

Well LA just got spanked for their little tidy ordinance. The 9th U.S. Circuit last week ruled the 1983 law was vaguely written and discriminates against homeless and poor people. Who ran Los Angeles in 1983? The first black mayor Tom Bradely.

Wanna have some fun poor folk?  Relocate to any street in Beverly Hills.  Should anyone harasses or molests you, call a cop and have the mayor arrested - the courts are on your side people.

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