San Francisco Launches 'Hook-Up Truck'

San Francisco is far and away the most decadent, salacious, looney-tunes place in the world.  Not just because a gargantuan gaggle of gays live there but more because it's secular liberal central.

The whole narcissistic pant-load that came from the hippie movement in the city's Haight-Ashbury district, like herpes, took root and will never leave.

So, is it much of a shocker that San Francisco launched what it calls an 'art installation' sex truck?

The Hook-Up truck is a brothel on wheels.  The van of inequity includes temperature controls, bowls of birth control, sexual aids, and a camera option, you know, so you can capture your magic moment taking a break from clothes shopping on Market Street.

And to make sure customers don't leave anything behind, there are no beds or bedding.  Instead, a stain-resistant custom-built metal-and-wood bench covered with vinyl welcomes and repulses you at the same time.

The Hook-Up truck builders says they checked and they're pretty sure it's legal.  Oh, then why not, right?