DC Schools: 83% Lack Literacy

The latest data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows DC schools are failing ferociously.  In 2013 fully 83% of the DC eighth graders were not "proficient" in reading and 81% were not "proficient" in math.  Dead last in both subjects.

Sure DC is a city, but they don't fare any better against other large cities in the US either.  Worse?  DC spends more per student than any other schools system, state or city, some $29,349 per student.

So what's going on?

Well, DC is dominated by Democrats and poorly run.  Once upon a time, vouchers and Michelle Rhee gave DC a chance for redemption.   Then the city got rid of Ms Rhee because she challenged the status quo and the public school teachers unions - a capital crime in public education.

Got a kid in DC schools?  Good luck...