SEIU To Force $15 Min Wage

Unions are archaic. Not because workers don't need pay raises and good benefits, but because the labor force is worldwide now and not a local issue.  And the world doesn't play 'fair.'

Unions always destroy the company and industries they infect.  Remember  when the USA made textiles, steel, autos and shoes?

The only way GM is still a union shop is because the Democrats are propping them up with taxpayer cash.  So is it a surprise to see the SEIU extorting customers and employers by turning to the use of government force?

CA Gov. Jerry Brown raised the state's min wage from $8 to $10.  And San Francisco raised that to $10.74.  But the SEIU wants more, a lot more.  The SEIU wrote the "Minimum Wage Act of 2014" in time for the November election which hikes the San Francisco's min wage to a record $15.

The crazy part?  Voters in SF support the idea!  Here comes the $20 hamburger folks.

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