Wealthy Women Want Conservative Men

Wealthy liberal, moderate and conservative women prefer conservative men says MillionaireMatch.com.

An astonishing 77% of self-identified Democrat Party female millionaires, and 82% of female millionaires overall, said they 'would prefer to date a conservative man.'  'Simply put, conservative men are real men. They are the breadwinners, they wear the pants and they treat you like a lady,' one respondent said.

Still, 10% of the women thought metro-sexual males were more like them and understood their needs better.

Many of the women based their assumptions on stereotyping of course, but there is substance to why liberal men are perceived as weak and waffling. The dirty secret is liberal males are manipulators and lack the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. And strong, intelligent women sense the truth about them.

That still doesn't mean all conservative men are saints, heck no.  The list of turds is full on both sides.

But real men are able to do it all; be sensitive to others needs, be steadfast in the face of adversity, fight against the nihilism of the left, be productive, moral, and above all be unabashed and unapologetic in their love, respect and fierce protectiveness of their families.

And it appears real women want such men in their lives.

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