Black Groups: Remove 'Black' From Crime Reports

The University Of Minnesota went on lockdown due to an attempted robbery two months ago.  Since then 25 robberies have taken place. So the university is issuing crime and safety bulletins in an attempt to keep people on their toes and on the lookout - the problem?

The university includes black in the warnings.

The Black Faculty Association, Black Men’s Forum, and Huntley House for African American Males sent a letter to University President Eric Kaler demanding the race reference 'black' be dropped from campus security bulletins.  

Ian Taylor Jr., president of the Black Men’s Forum said, 'The repeated black, black, black suspect...and what that does it really discomforts the mental and physical comfort for students...”

The black groups want everyone to undergoe diversity training and refrain from what they charge as racial profiling.  The groups want crime reports to describe clothing, voice accents, and descriptions of cars, instead.

Wait a minute, aren't reversed Oakland Raider hats pulled over nappy hair, low-rider-baggy pants, hoodies, gold capped front teefs, spitting unintelligible ebonics, and speeding off in a black Crown Victoria race profiling too?