Seattle Homeless Guy Guided Tours

Mike  Momany is homeless guy in Seattle. So to lift himself out of the slump the enterprising sad sack invented a 3-day homeless tour of Seattle offering to teach those interested in the basics of homelessness - for a fee.

The course costs $2000 which includes filthy clothes, an alias, a shopping cart with a broken wheel, a 3-day supply of cardboard and toilet paper, and a self-written guide to rudimentary panhandling. Mike even provides a map of the Seattle public bathrooms, benches, overpasses, and shelters hip homeless people know about.

As a bonus, one of the nights comes complete with street roaming till 3am and ends by checking into a $15 a night flea-bag that caters to the forlorn.

Not everyone is jazzed about the venture.  Homeless 'activists' are upset with Momany because they don't like his fee-based program, especially the part where he keeps most of the money himself.

MJ Kiser of Compass Housing Alliance in hyper-liberal Seattle said Momany's tour steals homeless resources like housing and food.  And whine that his $2,000 fee "could help a homeless family for two months or provide meals for all [220] of the folks in Compass shelters one night."

So far, Momany hasn't had a customer.   But that doesn't seem to stop the naysayers and do-gooders that apparently see Mike's venture as a threat to their little domain over the homeless in Seattle.

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