Wild Pig Swigs 18 Beers Starts Fight With Cow

Nothing worse than a pig that can't handle his liquor.  And so it goes for the feral pig that broke into a campsite in the outback in Australia.

The pilfering pig got piss-eyed drunk on 3-six-packs of Fosters lager it [the pig] stole from a camper's unguarded ice-chest. The pig then proceeded to tear up the tents and start a fight with a nearby grazing cow.

One camper named Merida, said "we saw him [the pig] running around...being chased by a cow...it [the pig] was going around and around and then it [the pig] went into the river and swam across to the middle of the river.'

Campsite crews are not equipped to deal with wild pigs, especially if they [the pigs] get drunk, a spokesman confessed.

Australian ranchers hate the pigs because they carry diseases that infect the cattle.  But their are zillions of them [pigs] running around scavenging, getting loaded, and attacking the livestock.

The pig was last seen lying under a tree feeling sorry for itself, and nursing a major hangover.