Study: Testicle Size Dictate Father Quality

This weeks succubus science award goes to Emory University

Researchers burned their paychecks figuring out men with smaller testicles make the most 'nurturing' fathers.

The study involved 70 men. Fifty were Caucasian, five Asian and fifteen blacks – all with at least one child under two years old.

So by inference guys with big balls are assumed to be built for competition with other men to make women pregnant, but leave the diaper duty to someone else, presumably mom.

Okay, let's get to the obvious question.  What constitutes small versus big balls? The white-coats handling the goods didn't offer an answer. But not to panic. If you suspect your 'boys' are too big and blocking your nurturing side give the university a call, maybe they'll supply you with Estrogen shots.

Sure hope no taxpayer cash was involved in this nutty endeavor.